How much is shipping?

Shipping is now free for orders over $35.00. 

The online purchasing tool will inform you of other shipping costs before you pay. 

Is everything 10% off MSRP?

When possible we sell items at 10% off MSRP.  

How do I get a Refund?

Contact Parker@Masqueradingraven.com, we issue refunds for a variety of reason. You can get a full refund by returning all items within 30 Days. 

How are the items shipped?

We Play these games and we ship them as if we were the one receiving the items. They will usually be put in a cardboard box with adiquate space filler, and

Some items will be placed in a flat mailing envelope, but we usually add cardboard inserts and/or bubble wrap to protect the items.

This extra protection does not effect your shipping costs, only the weight of the actual product is considered for shipping fees. 

 We try seal all seams with shipping tape. 

What shipping method do you use?

We use the most cost effect option when we ship for free, usually standard shipping for small items or priority shipping for large items. 

You can also select USPS or UPS  if you want to pay for the shipping. 

We do not send anytihng media mail. 

The item I want is backordered, what can i do?

Several of our items on backorder are waiting on the manufacturer to provide more. 

Place your order, if we cannot get the backordered Item within 30 days (before shipping it to you) we issue a refund of any charges for that item. 

We also contact the company to see if its been discontinued and remove the item if it has been within a few days of your order. You would be notified if that is the case.