General F.A.Q.

Masquerading Raven Games

We are open!

 Our Address is : 

3505 Adkisson DR NW Suite 155 

Cleveland TN, 37312

What Products do you carry?

We Carry : Shadowrun, Gurps, Mutants and Masterminds, Pathfinder RPG, D&D 5e, Call of Cthulhu, Chessex Dice, Dice bags, and hundreds of Reaper Miniatures. More due soon! 

How big are the Reaper Miniatures? They are usually 25mm, but some are larger than others. 

Do the Reaper Miniatures come Painted? No. They come unpainted, unless noted in the description. Part of the hobby involves painting them yourself. There are lots of good tips and tricks online that you can use to paint them.

Do the Reaper miniatures come assembled? Not all do. You will need superglue, to assemble some of them.  

Do you have a physical location yet
Yes but its not yet open, we are moving in with an expected open date of 3/13/17. 

Store F.A.Q.

Questions about using our online store.

I have a Coupon Do they stack?

All coupons and discounts do not stack. But you do get the highest discount of the options. Example, if you have a 15% discount and buy an item already marked off 10%, you just get the 15% off.  Most coupons are one use only, unless advertised with a start and end date. 

Do You offer free shipping on some orders? Yes. Any purchase over $50.00 Qualifies for free shipping. 

How do you calculate shipping costs? We weigh each product we carry and use that information to determine how much shipping will be. We do not charge shipping above what it costs us to ship it to you.  

Is it safe to use your store, is my information protected? Our Store is protected. You should be able to look up at the top of your web browser in most cases and see a green Secure box with a padlock. You can also tell by the HTTP:// being Secure by looking for the secure S like this, HTTPS://. Any information we collect is used only for customer service and Order Completion. We do not store any Credit Card details. If you want further verification you can visit and type in our website and it will show you the certificates. 

I need to change my address or change my order! Once the order has been shipped, there isn't anything we can do. But if you contact us early enough, we may be able to change the address. Changing orders is a bit more difficult as we don't have access to your credit card information. Contact us at as soon you realize you made a mistake and we will try to help out if we can. 

Do you take returns or issue refunds? on a case by case basis we may take returns or issue refunds. Please Contact to see if we can assist you. 

How do I make a return? Contact for more information. 

My package hasn't arrived in weeks, what should I do? We have a delivery confirmation number for your package. We can tell you when it was suppose to arrive and you can take that information to the shipper you chose for resolution.